Extreme RV Makeover – Weekend Number Two

This past weekend, Emily was out of town for a Bachelorette Party in Austin – So, it was just me working on the camper.

After finally driving the camper to Ohio and back, I was itching to get back out on the open road and possibly go up to Allegheny National Forest. About two hours to the Northeast of Pittsburgh. But, looking at the Sunrader Sprint Board, I knew my time was best focused on a few items from there.

Week of August 1st, 2016 Sprint Items

Week of August 1st, 2016 Sprint Items Completed

You can see from the screenshot above that I did complete a fair bit of work on the Sunrader. Everything was fairly straight forward, it was just carving out the needed time in order to see it to completion. The biggest item completed, in my opinion, was sealing the remaining two over cab windows. This took about 1/2 a day to see this task thru from start to finish. Hopefully, now, I can get some new paneling & insulation and fix the rotted wood where the leak occurred.

The shower floor task was lingering around for quite some time – all I had to do was create the fiberglass resin and properly lay fiberglass over the cracks in the shower pan. After reading the instructions a couple of times, this was fairly trivial and took about 60 minutes to complete. Pictured below are the ‘new’ rims that I painted enamel white. This took about 90 minutes from start to finish. I was sanding the hardened fiberglass so fast/hard that I developed a blisted on my left-hand’s pointer finger. Quite the odd place to get a blister.

The best part about the weekend work blitz was talking with passersby at the dog park about what I was working on, what the goal of getting it all fixed up is, and what they thought the camper van was being used for. A younger couple that that the film production company that is filming a new Netflix Original Series was using the camper. They were keen enough to notice that it was gone last weekend when we were in Ohio.

Moving into this coming week, the weather is looking pretty lousy…

Poor Weather This Week

Poor Weather This Week

But, hopefully, it will clear up by the weekend so Emily and I can knock out a couple more big ticket items on the interior. I would love to get the following tasks completed –

  • Rip out the old stove and countertop
  • Create the solar battery box
  • Cabinets hung with proper hinges
  • Paint the overcab area with Killz All

I would like to think that we’re getting to a point where we might be able to actually start taking it on some short weekend trips, but before doing that I think getting the water pump & heater installed is a key priority. Just prior to posting the edited version of this blog post, we received the Ramblewood Burner Stovetop!

Ideally, we can stop accumulating parts for this camper and actually put together these systems (plumbing, propane, solar, etc).

Lessons Learned While Renovating – 

  • It’s probably not good to drink 3+ Gatorades in a day
  • Again, resealing windows on a Sunrader is a right of passage. I’m glad that they are all done now.
  • Painting the rims was super easy and makes the Sunrader stand out (same with the wash it got last weekend)
  • Spraypaint chips & sticks rather easily to other spraypainted objects. This was evident on the cabinets and some had to be touched up.
  • Having a select number of goals to accomplish made the project feel less daunting.

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