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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I partake in the Great Forty-Eight?

First, you sign up for our once-every-so-often (read – when we have time) newsletter. This will get you up to speed with the basics for the rally. 

Since this is the inaugural year, we have limited slots for this year, so there will come a point where we will have to not allow any other teams on the rally. Check out the sign-up page for more information. Don’t delay.

The sooner you sign up and begin planning with your friends, the better. 

How long will the Great Forty-Eight take to complete?

Conservatively, 1 month.

But, in reality, your car will break down and you’ll need to spend a few nights sleeping in a pasture in rural Nebraska while it’s fixed. 

Is there a specific route?

Short answer – no.

But, there will be a proposed route prior to the rally with meeting points along the way. Don’t let this be your guide though. Buy some state maps and explore wherever you want.

Is it safe?

Depends on your driving and the road conditions. This isn’t a walk in the park, there will be times when your car will break down, decaying USA infrastructure, and other unforeseen obstacles.

If you’re looking for a safe vacation, stop reading this and go to an all inclusive resort.

Is there a type of car you recommend?

We recommend a car prior to 1996. This is only to make things interesting and to (hopefully) have it break down once or twice.

But, if you do want to rally in your own car, we’ll be levying a penalty charge that will go towards the charity.

What about a packing list?

Space will be limited, so keep belongings to a minimum. Spare tires, a jack, duct tape, and other tools to fix your car are a good idea. 

  • Driver’s License
  • International Driver’s Permit [more info here]
  • Car Documents
  • Insurance Papers
  • A Good Attitude
  • Other Items? We’ll post more here as we think of them.

How do I raise the funds for charity?

Use our basic fundraising spreadsheet (xls) to keep track.

Fundraising Ideas:

  • Put on your speedo and host a car wash to raise some funds
  • Have your company or people you know sponsor you for every mile you drive. (i.e. 1 cent per mile * 15,000 miles = $150)
  • Sell chocolate bars to your neighbors
  • Create a pyramid scheme
  • Anything else that is legal in the USA

How will I get work or my significant other to let me participate?

Invite them along for the trip.

Or use this handy get-out-of-work document signed by yours truly.

Do not wait until the last minute to decide if you are doing this rally. It will take far longer than you anticipate to secure a team, a car, and the supplies before hand.

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